About these resources

The various supporting resources on this website include the following and may be accessed by clicking on the relevant link in the “Resources” dropdown menu:

Two AUTHORITY FILES: Playwrights, translators, and adaptors and Printers, publishers, and booksellers. The problem of standardized forms for personal names is a thorny one in suelta studies, and these lists attempt to remedy such complications. They provide the standard form for personal and corporate names adopted in this database. We have relied usually on Library of Congress authorities or, when these are lacking, on those of the Biblioteca Nacional de España or other institutions. The source for the preferred form here is indicated in each record and a link is provided to the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) record for that person or corporate body. Our authority records provide a list of alternate spellings, alternate names, pseudonyms, and initials and link to sueltas in the database.

A BIBLIOGRAPHY that includes studies related specifically to comedias sueltas, as well as more general literary reference works that mention sueltas, and works on printers and printing history that have a bearing on the production of comedias sueltas.

List of INSTITUTIONS, also available through the database.

A growing list of MODERN FIRST EDITIONS for which sueltas provide the basis, or an important textual source.

A brief list of PRINTED CATALOGS of Spanish drama and comedias sueltas collections in North America, arranged by author, chronology, and institution.