Two New Resources for Researchers: Websites of Interest for Researchers of Comedias Sueltas & Glossary of Terms for Describing Comedias Sueltas

Some weeks ago, we made an announcement via our newsletter about two new resources for researchers. We are happy to share that these significant new pages can be found under RESOURCES. 

The first of these is a Glossary of terms related to the bibliographic description of comedias sueltas. It is the aim of this project to consider comedias sueltas as physical objects—the vessels that carry the literary content. Much of the website is designed to study these material objects through the prism of printing history. Printing history, like most other disciplines and professions, has a specialized vocabulary, and we want to provide scholars of literature with the terminology that accurately describes the physical aspects of these publications.

There are several general dictionaries, in both English and Spanish, which are dedicated to library terminology and to some extent to the subject of printing history. This Glossary, however, focuses narrowly on words and phrases that specifically describe comedias sueltas or the printing practices related to them. This bilingual resource has parallel entries in English and Spanish; users can easily toggle between the two languages. We hope that the terms defined in the Glossary will make communication about these works more precise and professional.

The second page that we have added under RESOURCES contains links to Websites of Interest that are related to the larger field of Spanish golden age drama. We believe that these websites will be useful to scholars researching certain aspects of comedias sueltas. If you know of a website that would complement this list, feel free to contact us!

We hope you will join our mailing list for future announcements. The totality of this website is work in progress and we welcome feedback.